Employee Discount Program

Is Your Business Prepared?

Business continuity depends on your staff being available in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Are your employees prepared?

If your employees or family members are injured, it is highly likely that they will not return to work in time to help you restore business functions. Many businesses are forced to permanently close under these circumstances.

This is why we offer our Employee Discount Program to companies like yours.

How it Works:

We encourage your employees to take steps to become prepared, with a substantial 25% discount on the purchase of disaster preparedness and response products. This is a free incentive program to support your Business Continuity plan.

• We set up a customized webpage where your employees can purchase emergency preparedness products at a significant discount.

• Prior to a scheduled Big Shaker event, your employees can buy products via our Employee Discount Program and also choose to get free delivery to the event.

Being prepared at home means your employees will be safer and able to return to work more rapidly.