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We design, build, and operate Big Shakers, the WORLD’S LARGEST mobile earthquake simulators for education, training and consumer outreach.

Simulating up to magnitude 8.0 quakes, the Big Shakers have been used to train more than 30,000 people in California, Washington, Utah, and Nevada, by demonstrating how to prevent damage and injuries from happening during an earthquake.

If you don’t take earthquake preparedness seriously, you will after being in the Big Shaker and seeing firsthand what happens to unsecured household possessions.

• Damage to household possessions and personal injuries in an earthquake are predictable   and preventable.
• Big Shaker simulations are the most realistic experiences you will get next to Mother    Nature herself.
• The interior resemble a living room, complete with sofas, cabinets, and shelves.
• There is a pull-down ramp for easy handicap access for wheelchairs/the disabled.
• Big Shakers are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Learn more about The BIG SHAKERS and how they can help your community get better prepared here

We also custom build mobile earthquake simulators for first responder agencies such as Fire Departments, Government Agencies and foreign governments. We have delivered multiple units, including to the Los Angeles Fire Department, for educating schoolchildren on earthquake preparedness.