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ESCONDIDO, Calif., – The BIG SHAKER is ready to come to an earthquake preparedness event near you.

The BIG SHAKER is the world’s biggest mobile earthquake simulator and can recreate the intense shaking of an earthquake up to a magnitude of 8.0.

Its purpose is to educate Californians about what can happen inside their homes during an earthquake when contents are unsecured.

The simulator is 24’ long and features a sophisticated hydraulics system specifically engineered to simulate varying degrees of earthquake intensity. It has been fitted out with furnishings to replicate a typical living room; some of the contents have been secured while others haven’t, and when the simulator shakes it recreates conditions similar to those that would be experienced in a home in an earthquake.

The concept for this state-of-the-art mobile simulator was developed by QuakeHOLD!, America’s leader in earthquake safety fasteners.

“It’s the most extreme, most realistic mobile earthquake simulator ever built,” said Big Shaker Enterprises, LLC, President Dean Reese. “Our main objective is to demonstrate what an earthquake can feel like and show people what can happen to their household possessions if they’re not secured.

“When you’re in it, you feel like you’re being shaken in a real earthquake. The aim of the demonstration is to give you a much better understanding of the need to have your things fastened down.

“We show people how to secure their furniture, appliances and other possessions so that their things won’t get broken or damaged beyond repair. The best defense is to be prepared and that’s what this simulator is all about.”

The BIG SHAKER has been featured on television newscasts in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, as well as on a variety of national TV shows including ‘Victoria Beckham Coming to America’ (NBC), ‘Good Morning America’ (ABC), ‘The Early Show’ (CBS), ‘Inside Edition’ (CBS), ‘Smash Lab’ (Discovery Channel), ‘Brad Meltzer’s Decoded’ (History Channel), ‘Parental Control’ (MTV) and ‘Primera Edicion’ (Univision).