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Buy Your Own Shaker

We can custom build a mobile earthquake simulator to meet your needs.

Trailers Include

  • 24’ 10,000 GVW self enclosed freeway hauler
  • Two air vents
  • Rear access pull-down ramp for handicap access for wheelchairs and disabled. Transition pull-down plate and threshold insert for smooth and gradual transition of wheelchair.
  • One 36” Man Door on passenger side with step up and lever close with lock
  • Chrome Rims
  • Spare Tire (un-mounted)
  • Electric Brakes
  • Teddy Bear shelves above desks on both sides
  • Educational Center shall have 37” LGLV3700 flat panel screen USB capable protected by lexan
  • Locking entertainment center with DVD and Stereo AM/FM
  • Four (4) flush mounted surround sound speakers
  • Seating for ten (10) with nine (9) student desks and one (1) instructor desk
  • Custom Lighting
  • Trailer lights all LED
  • 120 Volt system
  • GVW certificate of rating for unit

Option 2

Interior package would include all of the other deliverables with the exception of the school desks and instead would be a living room setting with seating for 10 on couches and a rolling office chair with desk for drop, cover, hold-on demonstration and training.


Automation and Controls

The trailer is designed and engineered to simulate actual earthquake motions for public safety education and scientific research. The automation control is programmable for up to four different earthquake scenarios and can be saved on the system memory. The system can be operated both manually and with automation program on 12 volt for light shaking, 24 volt for moderate to heavy and 36 volt to experience an extremely violent shaking movement. The simulator can create vertical thrust with all four pumps simultaneously in excess of 12” of lift. It is capable of front to back motion, side to side motion, corner to corner and around the world. The Big Shakers are state-of-the-art in that they have the ability to increase and decrease intensity, plus they have motion and displacement from four different axis locations. Pumps and control panel can thrust and release to within a quarter of a second.

The administrator can adjust intensity and duration with the touch screen control unit located at the front of the trailer near the exit door. The system is password protected for administrator and operator separately so as to limit access to controls for operator. Further, if any unauthorized person tries to activate the simulator they will be locked out as every time the unit is to be operated the code must be entered. Lastly, the operator must hold down ‘Start’ button for three seconds to initiate sequence of countdown to coincide with your educational message.



Trailer is equipped with limit switches on each hydraulic leg that will shut down the system if a leg extends beyond failsafe. In addition, there are two kill switches in the trailer. One is a red ‘Dead Man’ button and the other is a hand held ‘Kill’ switch that the operator holds outside of trailer while it is in operation. The system’s automation touch panel also has troubleshooting and operator advisements on the system’s state of readiness or operator action needed in order to operate the system. Unless ALL permissives are met the unit will NOT start. In addition, we can install remote troubleshooting equipment that will allow our staff in southern California to view your control screen online in real time and view status for customer support and advise on needed action to resolve.